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Pumpmasters Packaged Sewage and Waste Water Pumping Stations

Layout of chamberOur range of packaged pumping stations are designed for use in both domestic and commercial markets and are manufactured to comply with BSEN12050. 

Ideal for use where a house, or maybe a housing estate is below the main sewer level. Using correctly selected pumps, along with the correct chamber to allow 24 hours storage our stations are designed for minimum maintenance, and long life.

Stations are supplied ready to drop into position, only requiring inlet pipework, discharge pipework and electricity to be connected.

LayoutFor the purposes of transport the pumps, float switches and control panel are supplied separately, however the pumps only require sliding onto guide rails for easy installation, and are supplied with the necessary lifting chains. Once on the guide rails the pumps slide down into the chamber, connecting to a quick release coupling.

A full range of heavy-duty pumps are available, fitted with either vortex or open channel impellers. For use with sewage, all pumps (unless of the grinder variety) normally have a minimum of 75 mm clearances to comply with current guidelines and to prevent blockages.  Stations can be fitted with single pumps, or twin duty/stand by pumps.

With maintenance in mind, no entry to the sump is required. The pumps are mounted on guide rails with galvanised lifting chains.

Chambers are available in various diameters from 1 to 2.4 metres, and can be between 1.5 & 4 metre deep (capacity 1000 13,000 litres).

Manufactured in high-density double laminated polyethylene, our pump stations comply with BS7664, they are fitted with ABS pipe work and galvanised steel guide rails, mercury free float switches (designed for sewage duty), non-return valves, full clearance shut off valve. Supplied loose is a 5 ton galvanised access cover and IP55 control panel.



Should it be preferred a separate chamber can be supplied for locating the valves

Valve Chamber


The control panel includes pump contactor/overloads, capacitor (if required), Hand/Off/Auto switches, run/trip lights, low voltage control circuit, audible alarm, and high level alarm all mounted in a steel lockable enclosure.

Control panels are all wall mountable, we have a full range of these with various options, if required these can be supplied fitted in a lockable polyethylene kiosk.

Control Panels, can be plastic, or metal, all have door interlock isolator

Kiosk, single or double door option

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